Monday, August 6, 2018

Watch Preity G Zinta Workout tips to make you Fit and look like her

Fitness not only make you look good but also make you more young and handsome. These days who does not want to look fit and healthy, but proper workout and diet is very important when it comes to make your body in proper shape.

Preity G Zinta is sharing her experience of doing workout, she has shared couple of video going her workout, and in one of the video she mentioned that 

“If it’s easy it’s not worth it ! Look how my heartless trainer @garrettgahn is killing me in the gym !”     

Watch the video !!
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In similar way on another video she mentioned

 “Best way to bring up your heart rate & get a killer workout is to train with #battleropes & @garrettgahn . Do it at the start of your workout & not the end like me otherwise you will struggle like me 🙈 #abs”

Watch the Video.
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