Sunday, August 5, 2018

This is the world's first sand made hotel in the world. Price for one Night?

If you have had fun in your childhood, then you might have built in the house of sand. And thought of this sands house would be home, where we spend time with great comfort. If you are missing those days so let me tell you someone is here to bring your dream into reality. Oce City in Netherlands has prepared a hotel of sand, the world's first sand hotel. It is quite beautiful and attractive

Everything here is made from sand, whether it is bad or bathroom or sofa set, all of this hotel is made of sand. Here the Frys Land and Brabant Saint Sculpture are celebrated on the sands of sand, it is a big festival celebrated there.

 This hotel made of sand is very beautiful, one night stay here is $ 168 i.e. an Indian currency will cost 11 thousand rupees a night. you can booka hotel, The hotel has many beautiful artifacts made of sand.and one of the luxor hotel in the world.

Some of the well-known clay sculptors in the Netherlands have built this sand hotel, this hotel has been prepared with the help of hundreds of tons of sand. This hotel has been decorated with more than 30 sand sculptures and all facilities are also available in it.