Thursday, August 16, 2018

Google - A digital revolution

     India is undergoing a digital revolution, and in the next three years, essentially half of India’s population—about 650M people—will become internet users. A change driven by increasing mobile penetration, with higher growth coming from non-metropolitan areas.
650+Mn people in India shall be online by 2020, which will be more than expected population of G7 countries.
Mobile is the preferred device for internet access for 77% of internet users

At the same time, the influence of the internet on FMCG purchases is growing rapidly and much faster than the industry imagined. Online consumers spend twice as much on FMCG purchases than offline consumers do, and their online FMCG spends are expected to grow to $6B by 2020.
In our research report, we address the growing influence of digital on FMCG in India and its estimated impact by 2020 as well as how FMCG companies must rethink their digital strategies and digital media allocation to improve their go-to-market plans.

And if it comes to search engines it is just google no matter what it is..

Google has been on air since 1998 and it has been almost 2 decades. Within these past years it has achived a whole new unbreakable milestone that none other can compete. Google is the most widely used search in the world, it holds the total share of 87% of total search engine usage. Following are the features makes google as unique and successful are:
1.       Its relevant and logical searches and smarter algorithms makes it much better than other search engines.
2.       It belives in simplicity as you can see its homepage. (However Bing still continues to show pictures, news etc that has nothing to do with its homepage)
3.       Apart from these Google’s products like Youtube, Maps, Gmail, Play, Adsense (and many more to this) have far better user friendly interface than any other search engines.
4.       It gives you the result from even darkest side of the internet. (Ever heard about the Dark Web?)
5.       It continuously updates its algorithm to provide best search results to its users and much more.
6.       Extract millions of details in seconds.
7.       Available in almost all the countries
8.      Multi lingual
9.       SEO friendly
10.   Products are unique and easy to access from the search like Gmail, Google Drive, etc…
11.    Search includes text, image and voice.
12.    Google Map integrated with google search is also plus to the product.
13.    Continuous algorithm update to provide best result to the users and much more.

Google’s Newest Innovations
Google has been bringing out their newest innovation each and every then.
Google Analytics is by far the easiest to use and most exciting offering from Google for business owners! The learning opportunities about Google Analytics are immediately applicable to revitalize any online marketing program and suitable for all businesses! Offering information on new product releases, advertising reports, cost data import, and campaign measurement features, Google Analytics is your one-stop shop for assessing and optimizing your online sales and marketing campaigns!
They provide Search Optimization reports to explain clearly how visitors are directed to your real estate agent website.

Perhaps the most useful features of Google Analytics for business owners are the advertising campaign performance measurement tools and reports, and the exceptional range of audience characteristics and behavior analysis and display tools. Google Analytics also provides necessary website analysis and testing tools and features including custom reports, real-time reporting and more! With the information provided by Google Analytics, any business can make simple changes that will transform their customer reach and increase profits.