Saturday, August 4, 2018

Top 10 Best and Coolest Underwater Hotels in the World

As we all know how competition is everywhere is every Industries and As technology continues to changes people expectation also grown the ways in which we lives our life, In recent years, things has grown very fast, people has built clubs, restaurants and even rooms underwater luxor hotel.

Now living in an underwater hotel has become a dream. There are many hotels in the world which are partially submerged in the sea or perhaps give you a joy of actual submarine stay. We have list of 10 incredible underwater hotels where you should spent at list once in your life.
img: google images website


 Anantara Kihavah’s restaurant is in the Maldives where you can sample a delicious meal amidst the vivid view of the ocean floor. Here, inside one of only a few underwater restaurants, you can experience the world’s first underwater wine cellar, this is the best luxury resorts in the Maldives.

2. Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida.
This a best underwater hotel that lies 21 ft. below the surface. And the price range of Rs. 40000 to 51000 for one night stay Florida.

3. Hydropolis, Dubai.

This underwater hotel is built along with the measurement of 66ft. under the ground floor of Persian Gulf.
4. Singapore: Resort World Sentosa:
This 11-story resort offers views of an enormous aquarium. This gives you that relaxing feel of being underwater. Located in Singapore Sentosa, this is one of the most popular destination resorts in the world.

5. Poseidon undersea resort, Fiji. 

This is the world’s first sea floor resort located in the private island of Fiji and took 13 years to build. This is built 40ft. down from the surface. The hotel will cost you 1500$ per night for Suite.

6. Water Discus hotel, Dubai.

This is an underwater hotel beyond all standard of living combined with real marine adventure and breathtaking views which you never saw before.( Bellagio hotel).

The 380 room Shimao Wonderland InterContinental is currently being built on the site of an abandoned quarry in Songjiang, China, around 30 miles from Shanghai. It will become one of the flagship hotels of the InterContinental Hotel group

8. Berlin: Atrium Bar at Radisson Blu:

Offering a view of 264,172 gallons of water with over 1,500 fish to see, this little paradise offers drinks and treats along with your viewing pleasure. Fun fact is that this little gem is located underneath the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium.( Hotel in booking)

9. Pemba Island at the Manta Resort (Tanzania) 
One of the suites available at the Manta Resort, this multi-level “private island” dips four meters under the water, offering incredible views.

10. Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.

Though not technically an “underwater hotel”, you’ll feel like you’re having that experience thanks to the enormous aquarium that sits above the atrium bar.(Booka hotel)