Saturday, June 16, 2018

Hot Poonam Pandey Makes a Guy Touch Her B00bs in ‘Naughty FIFA 2018’ Video

There are lots of nonsense stuffs are trending on several social networking site, nowadays any video with adult scenes are getting viral on social media. And you are done with watching all these stuff, do not warry I have some more to show you J yeah, this video’s is none other than bold controversy girl Poonam Pandey.

Poona Pandey has shared a video calling it ‘Naughty FIFA 2018’ and after watching it most of the FIFA World Cup could have thoughts of skipping the biggest sporting event. You may or may not like this video it’s all up to you, if you are fan of Poonam and her B00bs you will like.

In this Video Poonam Pandey is with Nitin Mirani, an international stand-up comedian and founder of KOMIC SUTRA, where Poonam displaying her cleavage and she is allowing to touch her b00bs. Yes, you’ve read right! Not only she let the man touch her breast, but the shocking part is the man pleased to continued to touch Poonam’s b00bs because what’s wrong with that!