Friday, May 25, 2018

Actress Shenaz Treasurywala had an ‘oops’ moment HOT NIPXX Exposed!

Actress Shenaz Treasurywala who recently worked on movie delly belly had an ‘oops’ moment while at an event, when her see-through dress offered media-persons a glimpse of something more than they had bargained for.

However, Shenaz seemed completely confidence by what she was wearing the thou its a wardrobe malfunction situation but she still continued to pose for the shutterbugs with a wide smile.
source: YouTube Movies talkies

The best part in this a reporter has asked to Shenaz "ye Amul fashion hai" and her response was a big smiley.  when she was asked about her dress , she mentioned that she bought it from a small shop. and she took it long back but now she is wearing.
watch the video here.
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