Monday, April 9, 2018

Shocking! Telugu actress Sri Reddy takes off her clothes in public, to protest against casting couch

TV anchor in Telgu industry turned actress Sri Reddy, who has been making Strong and big allegations against the casting couch to the Telugu film industry, decided to take her protest to the next level.

She put–up a dharna outside the ‘Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce’ in Film Nagar Hyderabad, she stripped right there, in the middle of the road, and sat down in protest without clothes. As per ANI's tweet, she has stated that she has not been given a fair chance at work.

Public on social mentioned that this is all publicity stunt, few reaction are

 "Poor thing..she chose a wrong time to gain publicity. Qaidi no.106 is being released, so who's going to cover ur publicity stunt? Bad timing! Will u pls stop this nonsense now? We've had enough of ur cheap publicity stunt in the last 1month. Grow up gal! Get a life."

Sad .. why nobody stopped her or rather covered .. the media was also enjoying this . Taking interview   Bizzare... And I saw a lady journalist also ,why on earth some one try to put cover on her and make this not highlighted .. bad guys tollywood . 
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