Saturday, April 28, 2018

See Pic:This Russian model has claimed the world's most fascinating booty

When talking about the world's most hot bottom, the first name in your mind will be Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez, but here's another person who claims that her bottom is more attractive than these other celebrities.

Meet Russian model Anastasia Quitco, who is also known as Kim Kardashian of Russia, and claims to be the world's most attractive booty woman.

Anastasia Quitco believes that she is much more attractive than Kim Kardashian. She says....
 I like Kim Kardashian but I do not like to compare her because she is far behind me in this matter, my body is sporty, my bottom is hot and I have not even done any plastic surgery on my face.
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During an interview with Daily Mail, she said ...
 When I was young I was in athletics and now I go to the gym four times a week to keep myself fit, I do not eat meat and chicken. Apart from fast food, I eat only healthy food.

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