Thursday, April 12, 2018

Noida police encounter in Dadri with two gangsters, both arrested, recovered robbed car.

The UP Police's Encounter Campaign is in progress. Even today there have been encounters with two miscreants. Both crooks were arrested after being shot. Both are being treated in the hospital.

According to the information received from the police – Stolen Swine Dzire by the miscreants, On receiving the message on the flash , the Noida Police's Dadari team reached the Dad Kotri Chauki bridge and The encounter between the police's Dadri team and the gangsters took place,

Two miscreants After being shot, got arrested. In just 4 hours the Swift Dzire car was recovered,

A policeman was also injured in this encounter. Police have started investigation. In this case, more people of the gang can be arrested after interrogation.