Tuesday, November 7, 2017

After 12th, interested students can do this courses to become a Lawyer

After completing intermediate, Many Students are often confused about what they should do and what not. But in many case they do not know which course is right for them for their career. When the students do not get the right guidance, they are much inconvenienced to choose the course.

Today we will tell you which course is right for you. If you have interest on Low and order then become a lawyer, you can prepare for it after the 12th and can do its course even after graduation.

The Board of Secondary Education has now added legislation in the optional subject after 11th, so that you can move forward to fulfill your dream after the 10th standard.

However you can become a lawyer by advocating after the 12th or post-graduation. Let me explain that there are two courses for making a lawyer - 5 years integrated LLB course, 3 year LLB courses, which are conducted by many government and non-government colleges in the country.

5 Years Integrated LLB Course - This course is done after 12th standard, after which you do not have to to be graduate. Many experts say that doing 5 years of this course saves you one year and you can learn a lot in 5 years.

This course is included in many universities of the country, including BHU, DU, Government Law College, and ILS Law College etc. At the same time, after 12th, you can take admission in Law College in two ways, in which the first method is that you can take admission in National Law University through CLAT.

If you cannot take admission through CLAT, then you can do this course from National University. In addition to the National Law University, every university also offers its own separate entrance.

 Below is a list of the most common types of lawyers which you can chose for your career.

  • ·        Business Lawyer (also called Corporate Lawyer)
  • ·         Employment & Labor Lawyer
  • ·         Finance & Securities Lawyer
  • ·         Intellectual Property Lawyer (IP)
  • ·         Estate Planning Lawyer
  • ·         Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • ·         Divorce lawyers
  • ·         Injury lawyer
  • ·         Divorce lawyer
  • ·         Tax lawyer
  • ·         Personal injury lawyer
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