Thursday, October 26, 2017

Home remedies the fruit Fig which can make you look beautiful

Everybody wants to be fit, healthy and beautiful. For that people struggle a lot, don’t worry we are here to help you. Our advice to be healthy, it is advisable to eat figs. The taste of figs is as delicious as it is to be filled with the qualities. Regular consumption of figs can also give you relief from many diseases. But do you know that this nutritious fruit can make you beautiful too?

Dry figs also play a vital role in enhancing the brightness of your skin. Dry fig contains plenty of antioxidant content. This element can make your skin look gorgeous and beautiful beforehand. There are many benefits of fig that will force you to get involved in your diet.

Remove Spots and scars: Antioxidant ingredients of figs give the skin beautiful and at the same time there are some skin lightening agents that relieve you of skin scars. After thoroughly grinding it for 15 to 25 minutes on face, wash the face with cold water. Applying this paste for one week will remove the stains of your face.

Wipe out Nail-foil: 
 It makes your skin nail-free, due to the healing properties. It works as a medicine for your skin. Grind fig and mix it in raw milk. Put this coating on your face. Apart from this, you can eat it by soaking it in milk.
Get rid of wrinkles: 
 If the effect of age is clearly visible on your face, then start consuming figs daily. In addition to consuming this you can also grind this fruitful fruit. By eating from herpes, itching on the face, pimples, pimples and other skin diseases are also removed.