Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Ragini MMS Returns back with more horror and bold Sexy scenes!

Ekta Kapoor brought back the horror and bold film Ragini MMS to public once again! Staring Karishma Sharma and Riya Sen.

Everybody watch the 1st and 2nd part of Ragini MMS series, and Ekta  Kapoor known for making adult comedy and full of sex intimated movies, this movie too is also appearing to be full for sex and we can see on poster and teaser.

IN the Poster Karishma Sharma is looking so hot pose backless kissing, this seems to be more hotter than the older one though in Ragini MSS 2 Sunny Leone played the role, and Karisham also mentioned it will be more Sexier than before 😉 Scarier than before! While sharing the poster. Even the movie tag line says “They didn’t Know it Than It was a Threesome “. So we can expect bolder and horror scenes and which can intimate you too, trailer is going to be released on 14th September
Watch the video shared by Karishma Sharma