Sunday, September 3, 2017

Do You Know what happens To Your Body When You Skip Breakfast !

In this fast forward and busy life people does not get time to seat and have breakfast. since they have to rush for work and office so early to reach office on time. as we all know the condition of our city traffic. and in this rush people forgot or do not get time to eat breakfast.  and this habits may cause problem for your health.

In one of incident in China doctor found 200 stone in a 45 years women stomach , that women informed to doctor that she was suffering from stomach pain from past 10 years. but she never consult with any doctor as she was Afraid of operation. she also informed that past 8 years she is not eating breakfast. now because of this she is suffering from big problem.
once the doctor started diagnosing they found There are many stones in Gaul bladder. doctors has to operate to take all stone out. some of stone were in the size of egg, doctors told that this problem was because of avoiding breakfast for log time food could not reached properly to women Bile duct and Gaul bladder and cause this issue.
Doctor also told that because of avoiding breakfast for log duration stone got increased in stomach. At the same time Dr. Wei also told that if someone does not eat their breakfast on time, then their gallbladder's spread and shrinking process stops. Because of which gallstones increase in the gallbladder and due to this, stones become sufficiently large.