Sunday, September 17, 2017

Top 10 Signs and gestures to recognize if Woman is attracted to you

Nowadays, fluttering with boys and girls in our society is common, and you will never know who is fluttering with you or really love you, this is with both boys girls. But it happens more with girls and you may get cheated if you don’t understand signals. 

Yes Women give such signals while flirting so that men understand that they like them. According to a research, girls are far ahead of flirting in comparison to boys. Today we will tell you some similar signs, which women use while flirting.

1. If a guy is talking to someone and if any girl comes closer to him, then it means that the girl is trying to flirt with you.

2. While flirting, the girls repeatedly try to fix their hair after looking at the boys, the fingers in the hair begin to rotate so that the girl becomes attractive to them.

3. When the girl starts to scrub her hands after seeing the boy or turning her neck on the side, then it is a way to flirt.

4. It is said that someone's eye only says a lot. While doing such a flirt, the girl will tilt her eyes in a special style

5. When the guy passes through the girl, then the girl starts smiling at her repeatedly to flirt.

6. As the boy turns to the girl, the girl starts fixing her dress.

7.  While sitting, the girl tries to keep the boy's shoulders or hands on hands. This means that this is a green signal for the boy.

 8. Flirting women also use their voice brilliantly, they will come to your ears and talk gently in a sexy style, so that you will understand that you look good.

 9. If you tell her a funny story or jokes, observe what she reacts. If she puts her head back and openly laughs or simply says “Is that really funny?” then she is open for you.

 10. Make some sexual comments - Some women like to put themselves in the mood by talking about things that turn them on. It brings out their frisky side.

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