Sunday, August 20, 2017

How to Lose Belly Fat with Home Remedies Without Exercise Using Foods

It isn't possible to spot reduce and just lose belly fat. The best way to lose a significant amount of weight is to eat less and exercise more, below i have list out few tips which will help you to reduce belly fat.


1. Fennel (सोंफ) After eating food , Drink Fennel (सोंफ) soup ! it Improve iron and magnesium which helps in digestion. and the fibber what fennel contains will help to reduce the stomach fat.

2. Garlic (लहसुन) Chewed 4-5 garlic pieces every morning and drink a glass of water. This will speed up the body's fat burning process, help reduce Tommy fat.

3.Banana (केला) Eat a banana in breakfast every morning. It will get an adequate potassium, which will work on the stomach acetic acid water salt and it will help to reduce the stomach.

4.Tomato (टमाटर) Increase Daily tomato soup in your diet ! There are lots of Element in tomato to control Tommy Fat.

5. Apple Eat 3 apple a day to control belly fat, It contains the pectin which help to reduce tummy fat. Dietary fiber fruit bonotrots work in beta carotene ash from hunger

6. Eggs Egges sre highly protein food and for breakfast especially one that reducing weight loss , add eggs to salads or pir with 100% whole grain toast and veggies for the hearty breakfast

7. Honey Take a glass with hot/warm water and add the juice of 1 lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey to it. Drink this in empty stomach as a first thing. Practice this remedy on a regular basis and you will certainly notice the difference.

8. Lemon Drinking lemon juice on the daily basis will definitely reduce the belly fat soon. Add lemon juice in a glass of water. Also add a pinch of salt. Drink this every morning.

9. Green Tea Green tea works as a detoxifier, which helps in burning the excess body fat. Consuming green tea daily 3 times can make your skin glow, as well as, make your tummy flat

10. Don't Drink Too Much Alcohol Alcohol can have health benefits in small amounts, but it is seriously harmful if you drink too much. Research suggests too much alcohol can also make you gain belly fat.

11. Don't be Lazy go on long Walks Here comes the best way to lose belly fat without exercise. A leisurely 30-minute walk is also a good idea to enhance your metabolism and burn those extra inches off your waistline.